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  • Shauna Schneeman

Amanda Gets the Dress!

This past February my best friend Amanda got engaged! I could not be happier for her! They have the date set and as everything is starting to come together I am getting so exciting! Especially because she asked me to be her Matron of Honor! (eeek!)

When she asked me to come to her dress appointment for support I knew I was going to bring my camera to help her document this day!

The day you find your gown is the turning point in your engagement. Up until this point it was all excitement and butterflies, it is almost sureal. But as soon as you come out of that dressing room draped in white and lace and see yourself in the mirror like you had always imagined, *BOOM* cue the waterworks because that my friend THIS is when you realize, "Oh my god, I am getting married!!" It never fails and I wanted to be there to capture that moment!

Since they are not married yet though... If your name is Anthony Davey Leave This Page Now!

Mom's First Look at her little girl in a Bridal Gown!

Amanda's Sister Ashley (Her Maid of Honor) is currently away in Florida and couldn't be here for the day, she was very emotional after seeing her little sister as a bride!

After Trying on multiple gowns Amanda put the very first one back on and decided that was her gown. She said, "I think Anthony would love it!"

Drying Sister's Tears Via Skype

Amanda and I have been friends since the 7th Grade. We've watched each other go through obstacles, get down, get up, get hurt, and grow. You can only hope that your best friend finds happiness, and my hopes are more then met! Amanda has found an amazing man she will soon call her husband. I am so honored to have been asked to been apart of their day.

I am already plotting my Matron of Honor speech, and by plotting I mean practicing not crying!

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