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South Jersey Small Business

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Is this for you?

Business owners have to wear a lot of hats. If you are struggling with your online presence and/or juggling your business and your life you are in the right place! 


Business Services


Web Design

Ready for a new or better website! I can assist you with setting up your site to fit your needs and showcase your work! Some new business owners are using standard site formats to manipulate to be more them, but I can assist you create a unique site just for you! You will be brought along for the entire experience so we can make sure your site is the best representation of you and your business. 


Logo Design

still using a basic logo? Ready to create a brand that better represents you and your work? Let's build your own unique logo that will be the best representation of your brand! we will talk about your marketing and ideal client to assist us with creating a graphic that you will be proud to put on everything!


Brand Establishment

as a business owner its hard to wear multiple hats. Let me help you curate your brand and help you share it so clients and new customers will get a feel for you and your business! Branding starts with conversations about who you are and what you do. We find your ideal client and we brand accordingly! 


Branding Photoshoots 

have everything you need, but need some photos to represent your brand and help your cilents get to know you and your work? We can do that too! I can assist you with product images, branding images, advertisement images. and so much more! You'll have a whole album of images ready to showcase on your website or share updates on social media!

Small Business Clients:

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Professional Branding & Product Photography

A huge benefit in using me for your branding needs is having purposeful and impactful photos with your site and branding in mind. Instead of having 2 different visions trying to fit together your business will be represented seamlessly by having one brain do all the brain-ing!


"When I first started my business I didn't know where to start when it came to branding.   Shauna taught me all the tricks of the trade and even did all my branding photo shoots!!!  It made a  HUGE impact on my business!  She helped me take my "home business" look,  to professional!!  I'm so thankful for all her incredible help.   Starting a business is hard enough,  but with having her guide me through that aspect of it was so extremely helpful!" -Lauren, Owner of Renew. Rebuild.Restore.

Small Business Services Can be Packaged or Ala Cart!

Have a logo, but need a website? No Problem!

Have a Site, but it needs help? No Problem!

Starting From Scratch and have no idea where to start? How exciting!

Have yourself online, but not juggling your business well? Let's Chat!

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