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  • Shauna Schneeman

Brian & Vanessa Engagement

As a photographer I work with all kinds of different people. For the most part I don't know the personalities of the people I am working with until their session time starts. I have to say I have a strength at being flexible with my client's personalities. I can wear many hats.

In this case Brian could not take me seriously.. I have to be honest I sometimes have to be over the top. I know things can feel weird and be repetitive and awkward. Brian didn't hesitate to make some jokes about what I was asking him to do. So, I do what I do best.. I give it right back!

I know most men were not happy with the idea of getting photos done, so I can give it back pretty good with jokes and making sure the men know I am aware of how ridiculous this all seems.

Our back and forth banter made for some good laughs and definitely eased the discomfort I think he was feeling in it.

These two were getting these done to add to their wedding invites, which I really hope I get to see because Vanessa's ideas sounded amazing!

Also... can we talk about their outfits?! ABSOLUTELY GOLD!

I hope to get to work with them again to see more gorgeous outfits and create another fun atmosphere for these two!


Location: Washington Lake Park Sewell, NJ


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