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  • Shauna Schneeman

Coffey Wedding

Let me start off by saying this is the second last minute family wedding I have endured in 3 months! If you would have asked me in August when my Brother in Law and Our Family friends Jack and Amanda were getting married I wouldn't have had any clue. My answer definitely not would have been before 2021 definitely! But here we are 2 of my favorite couples with tied knots!

I have been particularly hard on Jack about making this happen for years! Jack has been a life long friend and neighbor of my husbands family. He brought Amanda into the picture and into his family home (just 4 homes down from mine) a few years ago. Amanda and I hit it off right away! We have become great friends. I very selfishly wanted them to get married so I knew Amanda would always be my neighbor and basically brought it up to Jack every time I saw him.

Amanda and Jack decided to do things simple.. and backwards. Amanda's favorite holiday is NYE and she has always dreamed of a NYE wedding. When I shot my first NYE wedding in 2019 she was asking for constant updates so I knew this was going to be everything she wanted.

The only thing she did that I don't think any other couples have done is she got married after midnight! Yes the timeline was so ridiculously untraditional. I think she loved watching my eyes twitch when she was planning out her night. As someone who attends lots of weddings I did feel it should have a certain flow. However they just wanted a party.. and you know what? It was pretty awesome. They had a whole party then once the ball dropped we all just got into a circle in a spot in the yard for them to have a ceremony. No walking down the aisle, no bridal party. Just words and a kiss.

Their officiant backed out at the last minute. So my husband who was just recently ordained as a google minister stepped in and did his very first wedding ceremony. That he rocked by the way. It was really cool for he and I to "work" together for this wedding. It was perfect!

I am so happy for this couple and getting to keep my neighbor friend forever!


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