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Cottrell Wedding

Ya'll ready?! Because I am about to THROW DOWN on these blogs I haven't gotten a chance to post! Meaning.. I am super behind on posting blogs. However, if you have been with me for a while this is nothing new. Almost every off season (winter when no one wants to go outside) I spend a good portion of my time writing all the blogs I need to catch up on before promptly getting back into busy season and falling behind again.

This is such a special wedding from May of last year that I have had so much time to think about now to write the blog post it deserves.

I had never met Amanda prior to her wedding day, however technically, complicatedly (is that a word?), and not by blood she is my cousin because her momma is my cousin. Her momma, Ashley, is not only my cousin, but was the photographer for my own wedding! So when Ashley and Amanda reached out saying they wanted me to shoot her wedding I was absolutely honored! and maybe even a little nervous about it beings that I was going to be the photographer for another photographer's daughter's wedding day. There are a lot of things in my journey as a photographer that made me proud and being trusted with this wedding was one of them for me.

Any ways.. I got to meet Amanda and her husband on their wedding day and they were, and are, ADORABLE!

Amanda was likely the most laid back bride I have ever experienced. Her wedding day, like many 2023 wedding days, was a wet one. However, although it wasn't ideal weather, the day was still so beautiful.

It was obvious from the start of the day that the love these two have for one another was so genuine. They were both just so focused on what the meaning of the day really is meant to be, which can so often be lost in the midst of planning such a large event.

The wedding was hosted at Turkey Trac Farm in Millville. If you have never heard of them, it is very worth looking them up! I adore this venue and their establishment story.

One of my favorite things about this wedding was the praise and worship during their ceremony. This was nothing like I have ever experienced in the 100+ weddings I have shot prior or may ever get to document again. This couple sang their favorite worship song and encouraged their guests to join them. I was barely able to hold back my own emotions because it was so wholesome how everyone participated!

Amanda and Jordan were both so flexible and calm to work around the weather to grab portraits and so acceptable to the limitations of the rain for getting their group shots. Even when time fell short they didn't seem worried one bit. It was just so clear they were just happy to be there and getting married and thats all I could ever hope for my couples.

Amanda and Jordan thank you for allowing me and trusting me to capture your wedding. It was an honor. I hope these images bring you joy for years and years to come!

Other Vendors for this day include:

Videographer: Basara Media


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