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  • Shauna Schneeman

Diventura Wedding

Although, I get to know couples through the planning process it has a way of feeling very formal and business like. It's nice to not feel like you have a complete stranger following you around on your wedding day tracking your every move.. so I try to prioritize making sure we know one another some through video consults and hopefully even an engagement session. Now once wedding day comes things get less business.. the best way I can describe it to my fellow millennials is, I am ALL UP in your grill. I am in your house, your parent's house, I all the sudden have been one of the few people to hold a family heirloom because you'd like it included in your photos, I am documenting you getting dressed.. its odd to say I document people getting dressed for a living, but that's my job and thankfully not the part I provide when asked what I do for a living lol

Thankfully.. very thankfully I have gotten to every wedding day and have found out that I am even more compatible and comfortable with my couples then I thought I would be once the business-y bubble we've been in gets thrown. I have been seriously blessed with some of the best clients and that's my top reason for being able to say that. I have been able to vibe really well with everyone. It might be my personality, but I am just going with that I am lucky and get great clients!

Justine and Vince were absolutely no different, actually I rolled up into this wedding day and was like, yeah I could totally be friends with these people. This couple and their families were so kind, so genuine, so relaxed! Their bridal party? Massive! yes.. But, a DREAM to work with! I was low-key prepared to be a little stressed with 18 bridal party members and 5 locations, but everything was butter smooth without any issues. This couple had a perfect celebration and I know they have a wonderful group of people around them.

Justine and Vince had a Catholic Mass Ceremony at St. Mary's Church in Williamstown, which was gorgeous and felt so intimate even for such a large room and a average amount of guests. They then had a small gathering at their family backyard bar for some photos and a drink before heading to the BEAUTIFUL new barn venue in Franklinville.

This couple had a lot of great ideas to make their wedding reflect them like offering a cigar truck from The Black Horse Cigar Shop. The groom also planned for an awesome crossbow shot with his groomsmen!

I had such a great time documenting this day and capturing Justine and Vince's love! Thank you both so much for trusting me with your day. I hope you look back on these images and remember your beautiful day for the rest of your lives!

Simple Elegant Comfortable wedding Shoes

Orange Fall Florals Wedding Rings

Something Blue Handkerchief Rings

Invitation And Wedding Rings

Mounted Deer with Wedding Dress

Orange Blue Peach Fall Florals Wedding Bouquet

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Church Orange Fall

Baby Flower Girl Wagon Church Mass

Bride St. Mary's Church Williamstown

Bride Walking down aisle St. Mary Church Mass Williamstown

Drying Groom's eyes Ceremony

St. Mary Church Williamstown NJ Wedding Ceremony

St. Mary Church Williamstown NJ

Hunting Cross Bow Groomsmen

Groomsmen Crossbow Shot

The Barn Franklinville NJ

Fall Barn Rustic Bridesmaids Orange Pink

The Barn Franklinville Rustic Wedding Wood Beams

Ceremony: St. Mary's Church, Williamstown

Reception: The Barn Franklinville

Florist: Michael William Florist & Greenhouse

Entertainment: SoundEfex Entertainment, LLC

Hair & MU: Lisa Stiteler (Hair) and Danielle Conway-Stiteler (Makeup)

Gown: Jay West

BM Dresses: David's Bridal

Grooms: L.A. Male

Planner: Dotti Rudolph: Planning your I Do's

Wedding Invitations & Stationary: Dune Grass Publishing

Cigar Vendor: The Black Horse- Cigar Shop


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