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  • Shauna Schneeman

Dollard Wedding

You never know where you are going to find your clients. I learned about the Dollard's from a nice lady sitting at the table next to us outdoor dining for breakfast. My son was giving her eyes so we got to talking. I found she was a local photography teacher and while she loves being a photographer she wasn't very happy doing weddings. When I mentioned they are my favorite she took down my number and sent it right to the Dollards!

This sweet couple wasn't waiting until the pandemic was over to promise their forevers. They had a few family members and their children and a very sweetly decorated living room.

Their beautiful handwritten vows made a cry like I had known them more than the 30 minutes since I introduced myself. They talked about how they had met in grade school and had crushed on one another. However life pulled them in many different directions, but some how through a friend and their interest in football they ended up together and never left one another's side since.

These are the weddings I look forward to the most. The ones that are so emotional and simple. It was wonderful to be apart of to document.


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