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  • Shauna Schneeman

Eby Wedding - Turkey Trac Farm

Let's talk about the perfect wedding! I finally got the change to shoot a wedding at the new turkey trac venue! I have followed the story about this venue a long time. The owners built this pole Barn for their own wedding and turned it into what has to be the most popular barn venue in south jersey. They are booked out for years a time!

Some how jess and edy were able to book their big day there, and I was thrilled!

Edy has been a great friend of mine and my husband for many years. We were so happy he finally met his person. their wedding was beautiful and fit right to theme. i knew jess wasn't crazy about the planning of her big day, but once everything was set this bride broke loose having a great night and enjoying how all her plans perfectly came together. Her wedding was perfectly laid back and beautiful.

so happy to have you as a part of our friend group now, jess! Thank you for letting me capture your big day!


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