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  • Shauna Schneeman

Gazzara Wedding

I am so so excited to finally blog this amazing wedding! Andrea and AJ's backyard wedding was incredible, so incredible I believe the family is going to start hosting weddings for other couples. Backyard weddings are the HARDEST to plan. Unlike using a venue you have to plan for every single thing. Table cloths, cutlery, bathrooms, ceremony space, bar area, and so, so much more. Like imagine spending a few days just figuring out what you want to do for napkins.. its intense! Backyard are so much to pull off, but this couple and their families were DEDICATED and it shows! No detail was missed!

Andrea and AJ were such a blast to work with! Even with all the intense planning that went into this perfect day, these two were laid back and just enjoying it all! I got to meet their sweet pup, Kirby, at their engagement session and I was so happy she got to be included in their day!

Megan and I couldn't stop talking about the perfection of their day and how humble and beautifully the couple enjoyed it and share in it with their friends and family. They deserved every bit of this perfection! They somehow meshed elegance, fun, and laid back at the same time, which kinda sums them up as a couple as well!

Also.. we gotta talk about the pond. What a DREAM!! I was NOT calm when they went out on the boat for photos. I was visibly too excited at how pretty it was! lol

Thank you both for trusting me with your memories and letting Megan and I celebrate and document your love! I hope these images bring you joy for the rest of your lives!


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