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Julie & Jason | Save-the-Date!

Julie has been a life long neighbor of my husband's. I mean as a kid he lived next door and now we live in the house behind them (yeah I know we didn't travel very far before we planted). Although I have known Julie all these years, I never really got to know Jason. Of course I knew they were engaged and I was so happy for her! But, after this session I am more than happy for the both of them. I had a great session with them! They were so fun and came with ideas, but also let me work my magic.

I was so excited to hear of their big day. Even more excited I am to be attending as a guest! My cousin, Ashley of Ashley Elaine Photography, will be covering their big day so I can celebrate with them.

I can't wait to see where their life takes them, and I hope they let me document many more special moments for them!


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