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  • Shauna Schneeman

Mazza Wedding

I have known the Mazza family for many years. In fact I grew up with many of then. I have been honored to document many things for many members of this family. So, I was so excited to be photographing Joe and Bridget's wedding.

This couple had planned for a normal guest list and had big plans for their day, but ultimately had to go simpler due to Covid restrictions.

They ended up having a beautiful and deeply emotional day. They had all their closest friends and family present, however the presents of Bridget's late father definitely left a void for her in the day. They did many things in his honor that even had me in tears at many points. From using her parents unity candle to the beautiful slide show and honored dances with other family members I just couldn't help but think that he truly was there with them.

Joe and Bridget were actually engaged in the same building they held their wedding. So they asked me to grab a photo of them in the spot where he proposed. It was adorable and so special.

Thank you both for allowing me to capture this day for you!


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