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  • Shauna Schneeman

Mike & Yolanda Engagement | Ocean City, NJ

Mike and Yolanda reached out to me in the winter to book me for their May wedding. I had not met them, but from our phone consultation and I could tell I was a good fit to capture their big day.

Unfortunately the world had other plans. Mike and Yolanda had to reschedule their big day in the midst of the pandemic. Even more unfortunate I was already booked for their new wedding date.

Since there was a deposit in question and no way I could accommodate their wedding day we decided to get together to do some engagement photos.

We met up on a beautiful night in Ocean City. Mike and Yolanda were dressed like every photographers DREAM! Perfect coordinating outfits with some color, but not clashing. Just absolutely PERFECT! They didn't even bat an eye when I asked if they felt they were to dressed up to head into the water a bit.

The whole session we laughed and joked and got to know one another. It was a perfect session! We were all very sad we wouldn't be able to share their wedding day the same way. Mike actually said at the end of our time together, "I was hoping you would actually be a b**** so we wouldn't be upset you weren't going to be our wedding photographer anymore" and if you know me, i took that as a high compliment. lol

I may not be able to capture their big day, but I am so thrilled I got to meet these two. I hope we can work together again in the future.


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