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Mustard Seed

So, this is TOTALLY a bit of testimony.. and then it's the real announcement. You are welcome to skip ahead I'll mark where to go. I know most people want the meat and potatoes, but if you are curious about how I came to this announcement you can read that below.

My world has been full of obstacles and twists and turns the past few years. Chaos in ways I never would have expected. However, they say thats normal when you first get saved. You see the devil doesn't just say, "ah, ok sorry you're ending your subscription to hell. Hope you change your mind!". No, unfortunately thats when he tests you the most. He will create tests of your faith to try to convince you to turn back to him.

I was saved almost 2 years ago now, but in so many ways it feels like a lifetime ago. I am not a perfect christian by any means, but I work at it daily. I believe that every situation I am presented there is something to be learned and gained. God doesn't put you in situations to torcher you, but you teach you. His plans are beyond what I could ever dream up myself.

I believe I am announcing his newest plan for my life. It's not a change of plans! I am still a photographer and I will always be!

However, I want to serve more people. Yes, maybe build my business too. But, really serve people. I had to take time to figure out how. I was asking myself questions like; Where do I see a need? Where can I serve this need? How can I bring value to people?

This was all in the time frame where I found myself changing mindsets from photography being a side hustle.. to photography being what I do full time. Something I had never thought to really do. I thought that was just a dream. I didn't think it would be possible! I felt so blessed to be where I was at. To be home for my family and better able to serve them. I was feeling fulfilled for a short time with that being how I better serve. But, that fulfillment was short lived.

And this is where god just comes in and starts moving things to help me figure it out. I was oblivious at the time, but it all makes PERFECT sense now. I mean it's either a bunch of REALLY specific and perfectly timed circumstances or God. I think you know where I am leaning with that, obviously.

After sharing my experience with going full time and excerpts of books I had read with my normal circle I had started convincing people and encouraging people to do the same thing! Anyone who seemed to have a niche got a thorough convincing to take the leap. Some how people all around me DID start taking the leap. It was incredible and I was more then happy to support them however I could. I LOVED it.

This is where I have to laugh at myself and thank god.. 'cause that should have been enough for me to think, "wow this was fulfilling and you enjoyed it. We should pursue this!". Yeah, I don't pick up on cues at all.

No thats not where it ends, God had to keep hiding easter eggs for me until I figured this out.

My old friend, Alyssa, who I don't see very often opens a salon, Badiali Beauty to be specific if you want to check her out. I was so stinkin' proud of her and so excited that I offered to bring my camera along to take some pictures of her at the shop to gift to her as a congratulations. I was so excited to do these and thought of the uses and how she can utilize them and ways she could brand. Of course I told her all my ideas, and she actually was so grateful and seemed excited about them too!

Then my friend Lauren of Renew. Rebuild. Restore. asked me to help her with branding images. Then my Friend George of Proto Painting asked me to help him brand his business. Then I took product photos for a local Cake company.

Then I just went about my life.. yeah story not over. I really wasn't getting it.

That's when I am sure god rubbed his face. Took a deep breath. and said "why did we make this one so oblivious?"

Yeah, he brought out the big guns. People started actually INQUIRING for me to help them brand and build their businesses online without me ever providing that this was something I could offer. Yeah this is when I finally said "OOOOOOOOOHH, yeah this makes sense".

and while I stayed quite exploring this more. I am finally ready to go live with it!


So here it is.

Milestone Photography will be offering web design and branding services!! Not to replace or take priority over my photography service, but to better serve my clients.

When I tell you this is something I am SO passionate about. There are so many beautiful things I am hopeful to see come from offering this. I hope to help other small business owners grow and find more freedom and purpose. There are so many people I have come to know people in many different industries that have all the skills to do what they do and be so successful, but miss out on jobs because of their poor online exposure and lack of time to address it.

Are you at a point in your business where you are ready to be on Google, have a website or get a more professional website, get an established brand, and really get your business the exposure it needs, but have NO idea where to start? I have spent years learning all these things for myself and I am so excited to offer this assistance to other business owners so they can focus on their day to day functions of their business and not worry about getting online.

I am so thankful to have the ability to now offer this and I think the timing is perfect. I can't wait to see where this goes and who I can help!


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