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  • Shauna Schneeman

Snyder Wedding

One of my favorite things as a photographer is following along the journey. These two were high school sweethearts at my high school and being the one to document them finally tying the knot was so special.

Zach and Jess have such wholesome, beautiful families. I was honored to be apart of their day and document it for all of them.

I got to work with the two of them multiple times over the year and it was a pleasure every time. Jess was kind enough to put an entire basket together to thank me for documenting their lives and it was the kindest thing a bride has ever done. I mean what bride has ever had enough time to great and remember a whole welcome basket for their vendor?! So sweet!

I can't wait to capture so much more of these two as they begin their lives and husband and wife!

Congratulations you two!


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