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  • Shauna Schneeman

Susan & Carlo | A Covid Wedding | 7.4.2020

Susan and Carlo sat down for our consultation this past winter at Dunkin' Donuts which happened to be their favorite as well as mine because thats where they met! I had recently shot Carlo's daughters wedding so we got along very well having already worked together. We talked about their wedding plans for a big Fourth of July Morning wedding at Scotland Run of Williamstown followed by a pool party at their home with their family.

However, we all know what happens next... Corona Virus. Their wedding plans changed, and quickly. The only thing that didn't change was their wedding date.

They filled their backyard with all the touches you could need in a Pandemic Limiting wedding. They had a sanitizing stations, Masks, prepackaged lunches for their guests that even had condiments in baggies to avoid additional contact, they perfectly spaced their guests 6ft apart at all times. It was really to the book. I was so impressed!

However nothing was as wonderful as seeing love never fail! These two like so many of my 2020 couples saw all the challenges there were to getting married during a pandemic and decided their love was stronger then any virus and its restrictions.

I was so happy that they decided to do this wedding despite all that is going on in our world. I am also looking forward to their July 2021 Scotland Run Wedding they still are holding to celebrate the way they deserve to!


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