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  • Shauna Schneeman

The Truth Behind Boudoir Sessions

When I first started my photography career I never would have thought about doing boudoir sessions. I am a confident woman, but I am not a "sexy" person. I wasn't sure how I was going to help other women achieve their perfect boudoir session. However after so many clients approached me about if I would do them i decided to give it a go. i purchased the supplies and enlisted a friend to practice with.

She came over and we tried out poses, played fun music, changed outfits and laughed so much. so let me tell you during just that one session i had with her i realized something so big. she was at my house doing me a favor by letting me practice. she wasn't here to create some specific gift for someone. you know what she did get out of that session? Loads of confidence! she felt so beautiful and confident when we were doing her photos. she admired her album for days... maybe even weeks.

that's when i knew that i didn't have to reflect this sexy persona onto my client to get them the perfect boudoir. I just needed to show them how beautiful they are! every woman is beautiful! I couldn't wait to make all of my clients feel the same way my friend Amanda did that day.

I wanted them to all come to my home studio or meet me somewhere local and leave strutting! I wanted them to all shriek and smile when they opened their albums. I wanted them so excited to share their photos with their significant others.

I got to meet so many amazing women since i started offering boudoirs. I didn't have to tell them to be sexy or how to look beautiful. I just had to set them up in a pose and tell them how amazing they were doing. I got to capture so much beauty in their confidence. i have never felt so proud finishing a session then when i get to deliver a boudoir gallery.

I will tell you I have had multiple clients return and do additional boudoir sessions because they loved how it made them feel!

So should you have one done? YES! let me tell you there is nothing holding you back! I have had women 50+ in my studio, I have had plus size women, even pregnant women. nothing should keep you from feeling this beautiful!

You don't need professional hair and make up. you don't need fancy lingerie.. most of my girls grab some cheapies from amazon!

my tips for a boudoir if you are thinking of doing one?

-show some skin! I had a girl bring only over sized t shirts and long socks for her first session. she loved them, but it was nothing like the ones where she brought some lingerie

-breathe! your photographer wants these to look just as good as you do. she is going to make sure you are killing it!

-have fun with it! bring some personal stuff! I know i said that this is for you, but my favorite prop was a guitar that a woman brought of her musician husband. it made for such a great shot!

my last tip. there is no rule book on how to do your session! I have been blessed to have the coolest and most creative clients! For example my cousin autumn who did a pin up boudoir at a local abandoned train. then she did a gothic "death to my youth" in a grave yard!

my long time client Brittany did a witch/halloween boudoir at a local historical park.

Literally. no. limits. girl you have No limits!

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