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  • Shauna Schneeman

Wells Wedding

A long awaited day for Sharday and Josh this past weekend as they celebrated their marriage with their friends and family. This couple hosted a sweet intimate backyard ceremony to allow for us to get some photos of them with their beloved pups. There was high emotions and they read such sweet vows to one another that gave so much insight into their love.

These two shared their story of getting together in middle school which could have been a casual preteen fling, Sharday even said she didn't believe anything would come of their young and new relationship. However they both faced the darkest days of their lives when both of their fathers passed within 8 months. Being each others support as they navigated this time in their lives brought them a love that lasted throughout high school, into their adult lives and what brought them to such a beautiful celebration.

This is where I am going to speak on how beautiful I find their story in so many ways. This story of their love has one of the most tragic situations you could imagine. Not having their fathers there for this day or to see their lives was devastating and I could sense that from both of them and their mothers. God took away something, but in turn gave them one another. That might not be the mind set that anyone of them have, but as a christian that is the plan that god had for them and it is a true testimony to how gods plans can feel cruel, but how he does have a plan even when you don't see it for a long time.

And now back to my regular not so deep or christian content. This was my second wedding at Five Points Inn. I was impressed the last time I shot here as I would have never expected such a beautiful space after visiting the restaurant frequently when I was young. However, they made it even more beautiful since my last wedding here 5 years ago. It is honestly shocking and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a smaller wedding venue.

Sharday and Josh's wedding had one of the best dance floors I have seen in a long time. And Sharday is one of the sweetest brides I have worked with. She checked in on me more then once and ensured I had a place and a plate. Which is so not normal, and its fine that it isn't she was supposed to be celebrating HER day! But. you could feel her compassion and care as she walked throughout the venue making sure that everyone was ok and having fun. I don't like to make assumptions about what a future will look like for a couple after wedding day, but I know based on what Sharday shared with me they are planning to have a family soon. And I can tell she is going to be an amazing mother just from watching how she cared for her guests last weekend.

Sharday and Josh your celebration was beautiful and the love you share could be felt every location and in every moment captured. Thank you for trusting me to document your day. I hope you treasure these photos for the rest of your lives. & I can't wait to see what your future holds!

Venue/Catering: 5 Points Inn, Vineland

Officiant: Events by Nikkee

Florist: Anton's of Buena


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