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Engagement Sessions:How to get that Pinterest look!

You have the Guy & Now you have the ring.. it is time to document! engagement sessions became popular in the last 10 years when the start of "Save the Date" cards and social media announcements started. are engagement sessions a necessary thing? They are not. However you will always treasure having these photos of just you and your fiance before the wedding events and before starting a family. After this session every more casual photography session will typically be for maternity or family photos with your children. This is a great chance to grab some shots of just the two of you!

In addition to just having great memories your Engagement session photos work great for save the date magnates, invitations, ways to decorate your engagement party or bridal shower space, photos to add to your wedding website and social media announcements!

Typically engagement sessions are done within 4 months of the proposal. You should chose somewhere to do your photos that reflects who you are and the look you are going for. you can add personality to your images by adding props, bringing along a puppy you share together, or wearing something symbolic.

I have seen many props used for engagements, but I will tell you that I don't recommend having a photo in your hand! If you want to pay tribute to someone in your engagement session bring a symbolic item! I had one girl who wanted to include her recently passed grandmother bring her grandmother's cookie jar! So we set them up a little "cookie" picnic during their session that came out adorable!

Now onto the thing you wanted to know. What do I Wear?!

You have so many options on this. However here is my recommendation. Get dressed up! Get a beautiful gown that speaks to you and your style. wear some heals, get dolled up! be the feminine bride that just got swept off her feet! You can wear jeans and a top another day! This is your engagement session!

Don't let your fiance talk you out of it, he needs to get dressed too! Button ups and dress pants. (khaki shorts are appropriate for by the water).

Try and pick a color that is in your dress for your fiance to match in his button up shirt so you coordinate!

Some things to absolutely Not do...

- you and your fiance cannot both be wearing patterns. so if he decides to wear a flannel then you should wear something solid.

- avoid matching too much. Jeans and white shirts used to be a thing. I can tell you it no longer is a thing.

-air brushed tee shirts. absolutely not.

-jerseys and sports gear can be brought to your session for a shot, but don't wear these the entire session

-try not to go too bold on colors. if you are wearing neon you might look odd on your backdrop

Remember though. this is not a rule book. these are just my recommendations for my clients. If you are someone who does not wear dresses, don't take that bit of advice. If you had a completely different idea in mind then you should do whatever makes you happy.

Happy Planning!


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