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  • Shauna Schneeman

Janitza and Ricardo

This week I was asked to photograph a wedding that was coming up soon.. Really soon, like in 4 days!! Janitza was so excited that it was quickly approaching. As was I since I hadn't photographed a wedding, yet.

Thursday evening before her big day she emailed me at 10:30pm "See you tomorrow!" I said, "Yes only 12 more hours!" (I wasn't counting down or anything..) She responded with "Omg !! I didn't realized how soon that was !! lol . I'm so excited ! we need to get some rest ! see you soon ! goodnight" ...seriously how freaking cute?

When I pulled up to the Merion in Cinnaminson I was taken back by the large beautiful property. It was a beautiful morning for a wedding! Barely a cloud in the sky.

I didn't get much time to talk to Janitza about her big day so I didn't really know what to expect. She had a small amount of family and a few friends there to celebrate. No large amounts of flowers or a massive bridal party. You can just pick up that this wedding had a different feel then any other wedding that I had attended. This wedding was purely about the celebration of Janitza and Ricardo becoming one! There was all joy and excitement in the air. No one was stressed out or frantically. This wedding really felt magical!

Janitza and her now husband were naturals in front of a camera.. they made my first wedding a breeze! Thank-you both so much for allowing me to be apart of your day!

As you can see their wedding was amazing.. So genuine and sweet! I hope their lives continue to play in the same tune!

Check out all the photos here..


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