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  • Shauna Schneeman

Alfonso Family

I love the people I meet through what I do. This is Bridget and her little family. I met Bridget at a wedding where she was working with the Justin Time Events crew from Hammonton and I have gotten to take some beautiful photos of her family since then. I honestly am just obsessed with this set. She coordinated everyone so well and also this family is BEAUTIFUL!

I love finding my kinda people, because there is no small talk when you find your people. We are out here talking about how hard parenting is, how hard the holidays are, what stages are kids are in and the highs and lows of it all. That's what I love to do with my clients. I want to know you guys and I want to capture your present.

Anyways, here is some pretty photos of this beautiful family we took at Batsto Village this past fall :)

^^ This one is a "after photo" we did this same shot as a joke when they were pregnant so we needed an after to go with the joke! I love it!


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