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  • Shauna Schneeman

Branding Session - Badiali Beauty!

I did something completely different this fall.. something I haven't done before but knew I wanted to try. Honestly I even knew I would be really good at this.

See, my friend Alyssa Badiali opened up a salon in Buena and I just knew that this little idea I had would be perfect for both of us. I had thought about doing branding sessions and helping small businesses get their foot in the online door. I also am just so incredibly proud of this woman for taking this leap of opening up her own salon.

If you know Alyssa you know she is the biggest best personality you have ever met. You walk into her salon and you really feel like you are in her home, and not because it feels lived in, but because it feels comfortable, warm, and inviting. I mean her salon is absolutely gorgeous! But, it isn't her salon. It is her! I might be biased because I have known Alyssa for almost 17 years, but really I have sent friends and family there and they can agree after meeting her for the first time that they absolutely love her.

I personally don't get my hair colored, but when I start seeing gray Alyssa knows I am running to her! And why wouldn't I? Her color game is absolutely incredible! I almost feel bad going and taking up her time getting my simple hair cuts when she can be working her magic on someone who needs it!

Any ways, be on the look out because this might be the start of Milestone's newest adventure!


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