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  • Shauna Schneeman

Digregorio Maternity | August 2020

Guys! My 2020 cover photo couple is having a baby!

Seriously, I freaked out when Jenna messaged me! I am so excited for this sweet couple! I covered their wedding exactly a year ago today. They are so fun to be around!

We scheduled their photos for Ocean City on a date then ended up being a complete washout with rain. We rescheduled for 2 weeks later which was not planned to be her baby shower date, but again their shower got rained out. So both the shower and her photos ended up being the same day! To any normal person, this is just a really exciting day. However if you've ever been 9 months pregnant you know that sounds like it would be EXHAUSTING. But, she didn't cancel! She went for it and I am so happy she did, because it was an absolutely beautiful day in Ocean city.

They are expecting their little boy in just a few weeks. I cannot wait to meet him and see my sweet little cover photo couple turn into a cover photo FAMILY!

Congratulations Jenna and Dylan! Thank you so much for trusting me again!


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