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  • Shauna Schneeman

Frankie & Tori | Proposal!

You know how they say the family you choose is the best one you can have? That's Tori and Frankie. My husband and I have known then both separately for most of our lives. We considered them and their families our own. We celebrate every holiday with them and their families.

We all grew up and still live in the same small town. So when Frankie called me to let me know he got a ring and needed some photos we already knew we would do the photos right here.

Frankie and Tori recently got a puppy, Hank. So the plan was that I was going to convince her.. more like force her to take family photos with their new addition.

She went for it and into the woods we went for "family photos"

After rehearsals and code words and lots of sneaking I some how pulled off my end and it was indeed a perfectly planned surprise.

My husband got to come along to help navigate our golf-cart and help with the puppy. We were both nervous wrecks the entire time. We were so honored to be apart of this!

Frankie and Tori, we love you guys and we are so so happy for your future together. Thank you for letting us be such a big role in this occasion!


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