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  • Shauna Schneeman

Honaker Maternity

Jess and Matt scheduled me a week off from their 1 year anniversary. Which means I just saw them last year and this year I got to document their adorable maternity photos as they get ready to welcome a sweet little boy into the world! I seriously LOVE getting to follow people's journeys. To be there to document all these huge things in a couple's life is just such an honor!

One of my biggest take aways from our session was remembering back to the first time I worked with them. Jess and Matt scheduled an engagement session at Batsto Village prior to their wedding. Matt was not about it at all, but he has come around quite well since that session. Believe me, I get it! My husband also was not a huge fan of photos. I enjoy making the men feel more comfortable so they can get through it better. If you are a man or are married to a man that also hates photos, please just remember although it is time out of your day that you are using for the session you may not have wanted to do. One day you are going to be so happy you did it. One day when you are older and you are having a hard time accepting the time that has passed you are going to look at those photos and remember those moments and be so grateful you took that hour to let me document your lives.

This is entirely why it is worded as an investment when it post my pricing. Photos last FOREVER and unfortunately nothing else in your life will.

So Matt has come around really well (I almost think he is starting to enjoy photos) and I really enjoy getting to work with the both him and Jess. Jess is such a soft spoken sweet heart and I am so glad she keeps booking me to get these moments for her.

I cannot wait to see their little boy! I also am so curious to see how the woodland theme she is using for her nursery has evolved since my oldest was a baby.

Thank you for coming back to me, I am so happy for you both!



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