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  • Shauna Schneeman

Irving Kids | Cowboys & Angels

The Irvings set up a same week sessions for their littles to document their current ages. Mom picked this cute little Cowboys & Angels theme to show case them for 2020.

We did however make the the mistake of using the local swimming hole as our backdrop. Since the Irvings are from my neighborhood we chose the coveted swimming hole to do their session. This place is so difficult to get to only locals with ATVs can get back there.

It was beautiful and so special because this is such a rare occasion that I get to use the blue hole as my backdrop. However these babies knew what is done at the blue hole... swimming! So we got through their session in record time so they could jump in.

They came out great and mom will still have a full album to pick through to decorate her walls. However next time we may chose somewhere less exciting! lol


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