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  • Shauna Schneeman

Nick & Cassandra

I am fairly certain I love engagement sessions the best of all. Something about seeing two people that are so excited to be together and watching how they interact so sweet and excited on all things. Nick and Cassandra were no exception and their Barclay Engagement had me right in my element.

I sometimes forget that I am the only one at the session that is at sessions all the time. I went right out of the gate so inspired and comfortable that I didn't realize I was giving them my hardest poses as soon as we started instead of starting slow and easy.. They did them so well and it wasn't until a few poses in that I noticed the concern on Nick's face that I realized! Note to self: Don't do a pick up or a dance 3 poses into a first session. That is not fair to your client's fiance. lol

Cassandra shared some of her planning and details for their upcoming wedding at Scotland Run that got me so pumped! I love seeing a non traditional theme play out! I will be sure to share, but we are all going to need to wait because these two are getting married September of 2023.

Not just any September day though.. they are getting married the same day as me and my husband's anniversary! Cassandra was very excited to learn that we will share the same anniversaries and it is the best anniversary date because it is also FREE COFFEE DAY! Yes Wawa gifts me a cup of coffee every year for my anniversary and Cassandra will get to experience that too. Love that for us!

Cassandra and Nick, thank you for trusting me with this time in your lives!



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