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Nicole and Grayson's Engagement!

I think the best part about being a photographer is experiencing "this is the best session ever" every time I shoot a session. The growth and excitement have not stopped in my 8 years in business. I truly love what I do!

Nicole contacted me a few weeks ago to book her engagement and she specifically requested Ocean City for her photos. My schedule is slammed the next few weeks, but since I was already going to be in Ocean City for an early wedding I was able to squeeze her in Saturday right after the wedding which was only a 3 week wait for her.. absolutely perfect right?

Nope, because I will tell you what is perfect. These two! Nicole and Grayson looked perfect, posed perfect, and had great ideas! They didn't even hesitate when I had an idea. Let me tell you when a client trusts you it makes such a difference! In fact, during our introductory walk to the Ocean City Fishing Pier Nicole showed me her Pinterest ideas for her session.. it had like 6 of my photos on there!! I don't know why, but that had me so pumped! Usually ladies find inspiration on Pinterest that doesn't include my photos which has never bothered me, obviously they like my photos and poses which is why they hire me!

I felt like I have known these two for years! So many laughs and great conversation. It is hard not to get to know a couple well during an Ocean City shoot because the walk from parking to the shoot takes a bit, lol.

The wind although was a little crazy and poor Nicole was freezing! But she held together like a champ! And the wind ended up giving us the most amazing model like hair blows *If I was able to add emojis I would add heart eyes here*

Nicole and Greyson let me and my student of the day (more on that later) that they had been engaged in the winter and had no real plans for the wedding yet. They were just taking their time and enjoying the process. Which I just love so much! Of course since they don't have a wedding date yet, but I hope when they do these photos convince them I should document their day, because I am haven't enjoyed being a photographer quite like I did this day in a while. I came to life shooting this session! It does help that they are absolutely adorable.

Nicole & Greyson, I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to shoot your engagement session. I know you wanted the photos, but I truly loved doing these for you!


Location: Ocean City Fishing Pier, Beach, Sand Dunes, and Boardwalk in Ocean City NJ


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May 10, 2022

Shauna was so amazing during our photo shoot. She made my fiancé and I feel so comfortable during the whole shoot. She was amazing with directions for poses. She edited the photos and got them to us so fast. I am so grateful we found her, and she was able fit us in. I love every picture she took. I would absolutely recommend Shauna to anyone looking for a photo shoot.

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