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I don't recommend myself for this..

Once upon a time when I was a little baby photographer just getting started I had plans to do studio sessions in my home. I imagined doing newborns and small children on weekday mornings while my children were at school as my way of earning an income for my family while still being home for them.

I didn't have a dedicated space in our home. I was just using what was then our playroom to convert into a studio when necessary. It sounded like a great plan, But, in time it became inconvenient for our family. It would take quite a while to clean up, set up, shoot, and clean up again. My family would have to leave our home for the duration of the session as well. However, it was something I thought I wanted to it continued on this way for years.

The most difficult of the in studio sessions was Newborn sessions. I really, really wanted to do newborn sessions. I had spent so much time watching videos and workshops and following educators who specialize in Newborn Photography. I had purchased sound machines, space heaters, posing pillows, props, special lighting and more. I was committed to serving clients with newborn photos! However, when it came time for my own client newborn sessions it just was not the same! The babies would never do the magical things I had learned, honestly they never even slept!

This went on for years, until one session where I was sweating and struggling and feeling hopeless. I decided that it just wasn't for me anymore. Not even because of the studio setup and clean up. It was that I really didn't enjoy it and I didn't like what I was producing for my clients. I knew I didn't have these same feelings towards sessions when they were on-location, so in 2020 I decided to forego the in home studio ideas. I have to say it was one of my best decisions.

That is normal for anyone in a creative line of work. You start off unsure of the direction you will take and find your way to what makes you happy and what your best ways to serve others are.

I didn't get off that easy though. I was still getting inquiries for newborn sessions.. in fact I still am! But, here is where I come clean. I have been doing them, but not in the same way and only in special circumstances.

These days if a close friend or a loyal client contacts me to let me know they are adding to their family and ask me for newborn photos I give some BIG disclaimers so they can make an informed decision. The ones that decide to go forward are ones that are ok with in-home "lifestyle" newborn photos. We basically just put baby in a soft area in their home near a window and see what we get. I have been so much happier offering it this way and my clients seem thrilled with what they receive since they were well informed of what I was offering. Sometimes baby is awake the whole time or we only get a few different outfits in.. and that's ok, because we all expected that.

Again though, I am selective of those I will offer these to. This is limited to loyal clients, close friends, or past Milestone Brides. Even at that I recommend them to my two top referrals for Newborn Sessions.

There are many that want that perfect studio newborn session and I don't blame them. I love them as well! I just can't do what those ladies can do. If you are looking for studio newborn perfection I highly recommend Freya Bear Photography and Megan Elizabeth Photography. Both of these ladies are local and are wonderful at what they do in their studios!

After experiencing studio newborn sessions for myself.. I have a big appreciation for what these photographers can produce!! It takes a big investment and so much talent and practice to produce what these ladies can produce. There is a reason that newborn session packages can maybe feel like paying for a wedding package. Believe me it really does cost that much for Newborn photographers to offer these sessions to families! Also, your little babes are only newborns for a few weeks, you are going to want to remember it all and you should trust someone who specializes to keep those memories for you. Honestly have you ever seen a baby's startle reflex? It takes a special person a lot of training to tame that and make the babies hands looks not absolutely wild!

If you are looking for studio newborns I highly recommend these two! Freya Bear Photography (Website: or Megan Elizabeth Photography (Website:

The photos below are from my close friends and my loyal client's newborns that preferred to use me for non-studio newborns. You can see it is no where near what Megan and Jenna offer! But, I am still proud of what I was able to provide because it was what these momma's wanted.

....Also, the naked cat was from my best friend's newborn session because she was feeding her son and she jumped onto the blanket we were posing on and I jumped on the opportunity. I still laugh way too hard at these photos!!



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