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  • Shauna Schneeman

Raiden | 3 Months

Sweet little Raiden was supposed to have her photos with me in the hospital for her Fresh 48 session, but 2020 had other plans! Since photos of her in March were out of the question her mom, Emilee and I had decided to wait until she was 3 months old to capture her little-ness.

Emilee has been a frequent flyer for me since finding out she was expecting. I felt horrible that she was unable to get her newborn photos done. She was so excited to get these photos and I am so happy we got them.

It was so fun getting to capture little Raiden's personality. She is a funny little thing under that big bow! She loves to stick her tongue at the camera. Almost all my favorite shots were just her making her adorable little tongue out faces!

I am so excited to get to know this little girl as she keeps growing and coming back!


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