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  • Shauna Schneeman

Rivera Pregnancy Announcement

The Rivera's make my heart so happy. I LOVE this family so much! In fact when I sent them this gallery we professed our love for one another in a group message, because I have documented them from the beginning and I literally feel as though they are my family because of it.

We show up to our scheduled sessions and it feels so comfortable as we know each other so well now. We catch up and laugh and shares each others wins.

When I found out they were expecting again I was THRILLED to get to see them more again this year. Since the shoot we found out they are expecting. A little boy, which I knew Jazi would be happy about because she wanted a boy so much when I did their last pregnancy announcement.

Jazi and Gio, I could not be more happy or proud of you both and the people you have become and the parents you have become. I am always rooting for you guys!


Location: Parvin State Park


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