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  • Shauna Schneeman

Why I named my business Milestone Photography

Once upon a time my family bought a house and I had to start at a new school. The first person I met was a kid wearing all Aeropostale to which he wore everyday and loved to talk about it. The 13 year old was Giovanni Rivera. He and I spoke daily since we shared a home room together.

Giovanni weren't really two that talked often after middle school. Until 2015, the year I started doing photography. I had not even graduated photography school yet, but Giovanni asked me to take photos of him proposing to his long time girl friend.

The proposal was hysterical on my end.. I acted like I was just practicing using my camera at a park 45 minutes from my house and I just "stumbled" into them and asked them to model.

I have been taking photos of this family ever since. Which means I got to document them in every stage.. from proposal to engagement photos, wedding photos, first pregnancy/gender reveal, their daughter's baptism, their business photos, birthday photos, and most recently their announcement of their new little one arriving.

It has been the biggest joy of my career to watch them grow. It is obvious looking at the photos I have grown as well. They have been some of the biggest supporters of my business since the beginning. Sharing every mini session and always tagging me and my page when they post their photos. Sending me referrals left and right.

I cannot thank you both enough. Your story is one of my favorites and I am so honored to have been there for each step of the way to help you remember it all.

THIS is why I named my business Milestone Photography and it is why I love what I do so much.



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